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Nailsoup I-VI


Squash the cheese-roll with a fork!

Squash the garlic cloves!

Squash the juniper berries!

Squash the grapes!

Squash the strawberries!

Squash the tomatoes!

Squash the asparagus!

Squash the poor!

Squash them well!

Squash, beat, grind and bust!

Squash the bananas!

Squash the potatoes!

Squash the garden thyme!

Squash the mint leaves!

Squash the lemon grass!

Squash the fruit!

Squash the coriander seeds!

Squash the cocoa pastry!

Squash the bread crumbs!

Squash it all!





Chop the onions!

Chop the red onions!

Chop the garlic!

Chop the shalot!

Chop the basil!

Chop the Old Bull!

Chop into mush!

Chop the pineapple!

Chop the mushrooms!

Chop the dill!

Chop the red pepper!

Chop the peanuts!

Chop the beef!

Chop the bacon!

Chop the almonds!

Chop the dates!

Chop the prunes and the figs!

Chop down the plants!

Chop the herbs!

Chop the cucumber!

Chop the chocolate!

Chop the vegetables!

Chop the biscuit!

Chop the wild goose liver and the pig ham!

Chop the salmon!

Chop the olives and the walnuts!




Mince the melon!

Mince the eggs!

Mince the asparagus!

Mince the sausages!

Mince the croquante!

Mince the butter!

Mince the apples!

Mince the cold chicken!

Mince the rhubarb!

Mince the meat!

Mince the protein-bar!

Mince the bread!

Mince the Corn Flakes!

Mince the olives!

Mince the milk-chocolate and Mars-bar!

Mince the tempered chocolate!

Mince the nougat!

Mince the Camembert-cheese!

Mince the After Eight!

Mince the Valley Drizzle!





Shred the green salad!

Shred the rinds!

Shred the cabbage!

Shred the parmesan-cheese!

Shred the squash!

Shred the ginger!

Shred, shred everything to the ground!

Shred Shred Shred Shred Shred Shred!

Shred the silk paper!

Shred the salt cod!

Shred the lemon peel!

Shred the marzipan!

Shred the filter paper!

Shred the carrots!

Shred her!





Slice the leek!

Slice the herring!

Slice the others!

Slice the chili peppar!

Slice the eggplant!

Slice the Brie-cheese!

Slice the celery!

Slice the mozarella-cheese!

Slice widthwise and lengthwise!

Slice the glacial salad!

Slice the pepperoni!

Slice past any brethren who lives irregularly!

Slice more over past any such immoral novel that poisons the heart!





Slash the Gold-cheese!

Slash the cross!

Slash the BBQ-meat!

Slash the pheasant!

Slash the cauliflower!

Slash the fennel!

Slash the breasts!

Slash the orange!

Slash the crust!

Slash the top!

Slash the stalks!

Slash the pepper!

Slash the papaya fruits!

Slash the passion fruits!

Slash them, slaughter and stab!

Slash the lemon!

Slash into little bits!

Slash into boats!

Slash into cubes!

Slash in half!

Slash the coriander-leaves!

Slash the sundried tomatoes!

Slash the cod-heads!

Slash the pig miette!

Slash the cherry tomatoes!

Slash the lobster!

Slash the artichokes!

Slash the tunafish!

Slash up your earth-growths!

Slash the ice!

Slash yourselves!

Slash busses in twain!

Slash up military arrows with arrogance!

Slash the flower stalks!

Slash the bagles!

Slash the pasta!

Slash now the sheep that you wish!

Slash the cheeks from the headbone!

Translation: EÖN

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