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New Novel: The Natural Laws

In the early summer of 1925, the youngest, most beautiful and most reluctant bishop in the history of Iceland summons the country’s priests to the small town of Isafjordur. His purpose is to solidify the power of Christianity and suppress the spread of spiritualism. However, his schemes set off an unforeseen chain of events that span seven tumultuous days. Life in the town takes a sharp detour as inexplicable and catastrophic phenomena unfold, leaving the townspeople grappling with the question of whether the nature of these occurrences is scientific or divine.

The Natural Laws is a captivating novel with a glittering tinge of fantasy that offers a distinctive and carnivalesque portrayal of life in a small Icelandic town. Fact and fiction are juggled freely, capturing the town’s atmosphere and local memories, to weave an exhilarating and thrilling narrative.

Out in Icelandic with Mál og menning 21.10.2023.

Handled by Reykjavík Literary Agency. English test translation and synopsis available.



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