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Nomination to the Icelandic Literary Award!

My new novel, The Natural Laws, has been nominated to the Icelandic Literary Award 2023. The jury's motivation said: „Full of humour and written with great eloquence. The story is brimming with cheerful story-telling, stylistic artistry and an off-beat plot. Its vitality and ease notwithstanding, it wrestles with grand philosophical questions resulting in a substantial and remarkable novel.“

The book has been unanimously well received, after a country-wide book tour of 38 stops last month. In the newspaper Heimildin it received four stars: „An immensely ambitious philosophical novel and social depiction that deals with the biggest question of the kingdom of God and man.“

The critics of the TV show Kiljan said (amongst other things): „Incredibly entertaining“, „bursting with life“ and quite simply „Wow and bravo!“.

Newspaper Morgunblaðið gave it four and a half stars and said: „It's doubtful I will read a funnier novel this year.“



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