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New book in Icelandic: Earnest

My new novel, Einlægur Önd (literally "Sincere Duck" – but for now called "Earnest" in English) is out in Icelandic in a few weeks.

Eirikur Orn could not, with all his infamous writerly prowess, have imagined a worse fate for himself. Not in his deepest bouts of self-pity. For if there was one thing in the world that Eirikur hated more than being penniless, alone and disgraced then it was being penniless, alone and disgraced in Reykjavik, that pathetic slush-drenched clump of houses, whose image now assaulted him through three, large living room windows…
When Eirikur Orn Norddahl, the story’s main character, accepts a teaching job in creative writing for a foreign corporation, his decision is met with protest through an anonymous threat. And now he has burned all his bridges through his writing and public behavior. To escape reality he sinks into his work, the story of Felix Ibaka from the fictional country of Arbitrea, where the natives punish one another by throwing bricks at people.
In Earnest Eirikur Orn Norddahl works at the threshold of fiction and reality to discuss repudiation, punishment and forgiveness.

For more info "call my agent": Forlagið Rights Agency.



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